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Kitsch Capers |  Stocking fillers

Stocking fillers

Kitsch Capers |  Stocking fillers

Adult Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers for adults featuring

Girl Adult Stocking filler with Goodies £9.95
Strip tease pen £3 / Make Love book £3.95
Sex Dice £3.95 / Love Dice £3.95

Best Ever Stocking Fillers

Best Ever Stcoking fillers

Sud Gun £3.50 / Chattering teeth £3.50

Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings for all your goodies

Red Fluffly Stocking Filler £1.75

Stocking Fillers for Men

Stocking gift ideas for a man

Nunzilla £4.25 / Inflatable Bra Pillow £4.95
Beatles Alarm Clock £8.95 / Ball Scratcher £9.95

Kitsch Capers |  Stocking fillers

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